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Christopher Creek Gorge– Mogollon Rim
–Chris Creek #2
Bear Canyon– Mogollon Rim
–Bear #2
Rattlesnake stuck in pothole
The Jug – Mogollon Rim
Sundance Canyon – Mogollon Rim
Pumphouse Wash – Sedona
James Canyon – Sedona
Cherry Canyon – Virgin River Gorge
Apache Trail Canyon
Fish Creek
Water Holes Canyon – Page

Robber’s Roost- Spring Mountains NRA
Big Falls- Spring Mountains NRA
Little Falls- Spring Mountains NRA
Mezzo Canyon – Spring Mountains NRA
NW of Big Falls– Spring Mountains NRA
Motorcycle Canyon- Black Canyon, Lake Mead NRA
Keyhole Canyon – El Dorado Canyon
–Halloween Night Run
Ice Box Canyon- Red Rock Canyon NCA
Mud Springs Canyon – Red Rock Canyon NCA
Trail of Turtle Tears – Stateline
Antenna Canyon – Stateline
Ladder of Doom Canyon – Stateline
North Beehive Canyon – Caliente
South Beehive Canyon – Caliente
Frenchman Canyon – Las Vegas
Devil’s Drain – Black Canyon, Lake Mead NRA
Death Pit Canyon – Black Canyon, Lake Mead NRA


Boltergeist– Dixie National Forest
Rock Canyon-
Water Canyon-
Pine Creek Canyon- Zion NP
Hidden Canyon- Zion NP
Subway- Zion NP
–Subway #2
Winning the permit lottery
–Subway Waterpark
Keyhole Canyon– Zion NP
Englestead Hollow– Zion NP
Middle Echo Canyon – Zion NP
Mystery Canyon – Zion NP
Heaps Canyon- Zion NP
The most hilarious trip report I’ve ever read


Coffin Canyon – Death Valley NP
Kahweah River: Lookout Point Section, Lower Middle Fork, East Fork – Sequoia NP
Eaton Canyon – San Bernardino NF
Little Santa Anita – San Bernardino NF



Ash Canyon-Kraft Loop – Red Rock Canyon NRA
Calico Tanks – Red Rock Canyon NCA
Fossil Hill Trails – Red Rock Canyon NCA
McCullough Mountains – Sloane Cyn Wilderness
Cathedral Rock – Spring Mountains NRA
Anniversary Narrows – Lake Mead NRA
Sacatone Canyon – Spirit Mountain Wilderness
Grapevine Canyon – Spirit Mountain Wilderness
Pine Creek to Terrace Canyon– Red Rock Canyon NCA
Las Vegas Wetlands – Las Vegas
Ice Box Canyon – Red Rock Canyon NCA

Angel’s Landing – Zion NP
–Angle’s Landing #2
Hidden Canyon – Zion NP
Fossil Springs – Mogollon Rim
Camelback Mountain – Phoenix
Hieroglyphic Canyon – Superstition Mountains

Historical sites, ruins,
      abandoned mines

Goodsprings, NV:
Argentina Mine & Mill, Red Cloud Mine
Alice Mine, Middlesex Mine, Yellow Pine Mill
Awesome Mine w/ No Name
Goodpsrings Cemetery
Pioneer Saloon

Searchlight, NV:
Goldenrod Mine
Jet Mine
Cottonwood Mine & Homestead
Searchlight cemetery
I’ve got a grave feeling about this


Boulder City, NV:
A Home is not a House Mine
Blue Quartz Mine

Biology Adventures

Field Bio Adventures in the Mojave Desert:
Stove tortoise
Fatty scorpion
Protect the egg
K-rat evac
Tortoise eats yellow flowers, fans go wild
Creepy snake skin
Tortoise X-ing
Tiny tiny horny toad
Teeny tiniest tortoise
Proof that I’m real
Back at the Park
Snug as a Ladybug in a Coffee Mug

Rock Climbing

Coyote Bar– La Madre Wilderness, NV
Sesame Street- Spring Mountains, NV
Kraft Boulders- Red Rock, NV
Rappeling Practice Spots– Phoenix, Az
Finding my perfect climbing shoes

Mountain Biking

Mt Charleston Downhill- Spring Mtns, NV
Twilight Trails– Spring Mtns, NV

Random Crap & Me Just Rambling

Cache me if you can
Trail running is for mountain goats & people who don’t like ankles
Daylight droppings
Bio-nerd destiny


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