We Did Sara’s Crack

Sara’s Crack
Lake Havasu, AZ

While visiting Lake Havasu with friends, we did Sara’s Crack. The Crack is a popular tourist hike in the SARA park in Lake Havasu City, and while it wasn’t going to be actual canyoneering, I’m still obsessed with canyons in general. And let’s face it, hiking doesn’t really interest me if it doesn’t involve water or a canyon. Luckily, my friends were good sports.

While I didn’t expect much out of this little guy (gal, I suppose), we actually had an amazing time. The canyon was pretty and narrow, which is enough to make me happy.

The hike wasn’t challenging but there were little downclimbs,

enough places to make things harder for the ones who wanted to play,

and spots where I could teach them special canyoneering tricks.

stemming practice: the ground is lava!

Also, there was a 7 foot slide

and berries that we hoped weren’t poisonous.

Unexpectedly, the hike was only the beginning of the fun. The canyon led to the lake where we only expected to swim for a few minutes…until we saw people cliff jumping all the way across the bay. This is where the triathalon began, and everyone started swimming across this large body of water. I’ve swam approximately 3 laps in my whole life, so this was a big deal for me. (I did make it, for those of you who were concerned.)

 We played in the water, jumped off the cliffs and hung out at the “beach” for a couple of hours until it became apparent that if we didn’t start back soon, we’d all be passed out at the picnic table. We made it back, but barely….


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