Las Vegas Wetlands

I set off in search of a mini-adventure on Friday afternoon, but with only 2 hours of daylight left (screw you, daylight savings) my options were limited. When Las Vegas Wash thwarted my progress northwards towards Rainbow Gardens, I just got out and walked along the wash.

I was at the Southern edge of the Las Vegas Wetlands Preserve. This is not the best edge of the preserve, apparently. As I dodged construction vehicles and discarded couches, I tried to focus on the sounds of the reeds swaying in the wind, the birds calling out, the water rushing by. But I couldn’t see the water for all of the reeds, I only saw one bird, and I was massively allergic to the tamarisk growing along the wash. Also, I had a hard time enjoying the pretty water because the smell gave it away as our half-treated sewage.

the one bird I saw. check out it’s reptilian feet…gross.

I might have had better feelings towards this whole experience if something highly irritating hadn’t flown into my eye as I walked along the wash. It feels like a tiny tiny cactus spine, and as of Sunday at 9:52am, it has not gone away. My eyeball is bloodshot, I had some green goo around it this morning, and I really look like a nerd when I have to wear my glasses.

Added to my bucket list: Explore Las Vegas Wetlands Preserve from the normal, pretty side and with protective eyewear.

Las Vegas Wetlands Park infos


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