Abandoned Mines

Awesome Mine with No Name

Figures that the coolest mine we’d find all day and the most extensive one Anthony’s been in EVER would be a no-name shaft down a powerline road. And with that;

Standard mine exploration disclaimer for:

-concerned family & friends: I have researched the dangers of exploring abandoned mines & am fairly educated on how to keep myself safe. I know what red flags to look for before going into a mine. In addition, I’m a big weenie so I only go in a few hundred feet anyways.

-people who think they should explore mines, too: you probably shouldn’t. do your research before you go, don’t be an idiot, don’t blame me.


it's OK, you can say it....NINJA

The tunnel split off to the right and opened up into a little room with a few tunnels branching off from there. The most interesting tunnel, labeled as interesting by the arrows spray painted in it’s direction, required a 5 foot scramble up to the hole. Once in the hole, the tunnel split and one side angled upwards.

I wanted to go in SOOO badly, but I was nervous and I wanted to be able to get out quickly if I started feeling low on oxygen. Yes, I was being ridiculous. We could feel a strong breeze, assuring us that the air was fine. But still. I can’t wait to go into a mine that I KNOW FOR SURE has good air and can actually just enjoy the exploration without being scared!

In the picture below, Anthony is standing in another ‘room’ and you can barely make out two tunnel entrances (it’s dusty in there!). One tunnel angled sharply up and a few sloped down. We walked down one for a couple feet before I wussed out.


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