Interesting Places

Searchlight Cemetery

The cemetery of Searchlight, NV is exactly representative of the community; a mixture of an old mining town graveyard & a modern small-town cemetery.  Considering the town’s extensive history, the 280-plot cemetery seems to be lacking, well….a lot. Where are the thousands of miners that lived & worked in the town during the gold rush?
Oh, here they are. A couple of plaques at the cemetery list people who are known to be buried in the Searchlight area. The first plaque lists names with the exact burial location unknown, and the second plaque lists ‘residents’ of unmarked graves in the area.

looking out over the cemetery

The cemetery houses more modern-day graves than mining-era plots.

This cheerful plot is only 3 years old

U.S. Senator Harry Reid is from Searchlight and the cemetery is choked with Reids. (Get it?!!)

a section of Reids

don’t celebrate, republicans. this is his grandfather.

I love the ‘customized’ feel of small graveyards, unrestrained by official cemetery regulations. Some of the graves are cute, some are sad and unfortunately, some are just plain hilarious:


The ‘Eternal Love’ plot…that’s cute. I wonder who has the smaller heart.

The ‘Wife’s counting down the days’ plot

The ‘stupid relative’ plot (oh, I didn’t think about the roots..)


an unmarked grave

a child’s grave

a man & woman who worked on the Golden Gate Bridge

a beloved pet, despite the sign stating no pet burials allowed

List of people buried in Searchlight Cemetary

There are, according to the above link, 4 Searchlight cemeteries. This is Searchlight Cemetery #4. Two of the other ones are actually just a few graves in a random location in town, both victims of the fire that burned down the Searchlight Hotel. Someday I’ll research that. The third cemetery was located near the Searchlight airport & some inconsiderate plane crashed into it, destroying a lot of the markers. The remaining…remains were moved to #4, but it is unknown if just the markers were moved or if the bodies were moved as well. $5 to whoever gets physical proof of bodies still there.


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