Field Biology

K-rat evac

A cold, wet Kangaroo Rat came to my attention during a winter session of bulldozing the desert.

The equipment had scared the little guy out of his home, and the water truck had shot the whole area with water. It was in the 40s that day and I was sitting in the truck to warm up when my boss brought me this gift. My new friend was soaking wet and ice cold. I held him in between my gloved hands for a few seconds, but it didn’t seem to be helping. He needed…skin!!! I unzipped my jacket and after my boss rolled his eyes and walked away, I stuck the K-rat under my sweatshirt against my stomach. I immediately felt it burrow into my hand on the other side of the fabric and left it alone while he soaked up my body heat.

OK well I kinda left him alone. I did take some pictures and maybe pet him a little bit.

He’d warmed up and dried off, but I wasn’t ready to let him go. He was scared and I wanted to comfort him. Also, I liked feeling needed. (I guess I shouldn’t have been so mean to the snake-rescuer, huh?)

don't leave, friend!

I tried to hold him in my lap, but he ran up to my shoulder.

whatever, you

He spent some time snuggling into the side of my hood, until he discoverd the hood itself and hung out back there for awhile.

My boss eventually came back to interrupt our love fest, and we walked the K-rat a few hundred feet from the project to put him near a K-rat sized hole.

I will always remember you.

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