Rattlesnake threatens countless lives & one man’s herpetological dignity

There had been a few reports of a rattlesnake stuck in a pothole in Bear Canyon, a canyoneering route in Arizona. The snake has been hanging out on floating sticks or the side walls of the hole, lunging at swimmers for a desperate chance at freedom. One team of awesome people set out to free the serpent, bringing along a “professional.” They posted a report on the ACA forum. The video of the rescue is 30% impressive and 70% annoying. “Why are you such a bitch, Kristi?” you ask. I’ll tell you.

So, OK. It’s awesome that this guy risked life & limb to get this snake out, saving the snake and making the canyon safer for us. But I just can’t ignore everything that’s WRONG about the whole operation. And I’ll admit, I don’t know anything about handling rattlesnakes. This guy’s friend, who posted the video, lists his credentials as working for Arizona Game & Fish, Animal Planet & Nat Geo. Doing what? He doesn’t say. Maybe handling snakes on a daily basis. Maybe giving out frozen rats. My credentials in snakes are running away from them, so anything I know about them is pure common sense. Like…not wearing sandals. Like, grabbing it near the head as soon as possible so it can’t whip around and bite your hand that’s holding its tail. I’m also fairly certain that petting a snake does nothing, for anyone, ever. And really, how long do you have to dangle the poor thing above solid ground before letting it go? Your friends got enough pictures, dude. I promise. P.S. STOP PETTING IT!!!!!

You’re right. Maybe I am just a bitch. You decide; here’s the video:

Now watch this video of “reckless” Steve Irwin handling a rattlesnake, and enjoy the confidence & impressed feelings you get when you watch him handle and actually calm down the snake.

Oh yeah..and this is the canyon we’re gonna do on Sunday.


One thought on “Rattlesnake threatens countless lives & one man’s herpetological dignity

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