Mountain Biking

Another DH run at Mt Charleston

I met up with Holly & Rick at Mt Charleston, after he’d taken her down Robber’s Roost for her first ever canyoneering adventure. She’d had a blast and was ready to ride bicycles! I didn’t even bother bringing my bike, because it couldn’t handle these trails. I’ve been doing the tour-de-bikes with this crew and today I tried Rick’s fancy downhill bike. It was pretty amazing- when I first sat on it, the bike lowered like 10 inches. I didn’t really feel anything that I rode over, and Rick said “It’s because she can take 10 inches in the front and 10 inches in the rear.” Nice. That’s what I like to hear.

I wore my brand new helmet that I’d bought at the REI Labor Day sale the day before, the Giro Hex MTB helmet (to be fair, I didn’t know that it came in turquoise until just now when I googled it). I had gone in with the intent of buying a cheap $25 helmet, but was immediately upsold by the friendly salesperson so instead bought the $90.

“Good,” Rick says. “Now your helmet is worth more than your bike.”


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