Abandoned Mines

A Home is not a House Mine

This mine was a drive-by seen from the highway and didn’t appear to be on any maps. Here we are going in.

The location of this particular mine will be kept a secret to protect the resident…

Luckily Anthony protected us with his official cop “hello!”‘s, declaration of nobody home, colorful underwear and quick inspection of the pack to check for whatever cops look for. Is it weird that this homeless person makes his bed and packs his bag every morning, when I can’t even pick my underwear up off of my bathroom floor? Very tidy setup he had going on, if you ignore the pile of empty milk cartons and Peep boxes (he likes the yellows ducks…a great choice). He even implements pest control! 

A quick peek behind the ‘bedroom’ showed the end of the mini-adit so we vacated the premises. 


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