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I won the lottery!

The Subway at Zion National Park is, according to Tom, in Zion. (That was originally supposed to say “according to Tom, the second most popular backcountry hike in Zion” but I like the way it came out better. There’s no need for useless statistics) It’s flippin’ sweet and anyone who has any interest in canyoneering eventually does the hike.

It’s a 9 mile hike, half of it wading, down a canyon with a unique tube-y shape. To “do” The Subway, you have to hike, climb, downclimb, rappel, swim, wade, levitate, do the Thriller dance and perform a round-off triple back-handspring. The rappelling classifies it as a technical canyoneering adventure, which ups credibility and awesomeness of the hiker. The Thriller dance adds style points but is mostly just necessary for increasing group moral when people begin to get tired. So many people want to do the Subway all day every day that Zion had to establish a lottery system to divy up backcountry permits for the hike.

And guess who won?! Me! It was me! Plus some other people, but most importantly, ME!

August 19 is my day to shine. I have 8 weeks to turn myself from a wanna-be canyoneer into an experienced, confident, (in-shape) canyoneer who is NOT afraid of heights!

It’s go time.

Info about The Subway


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