Abandoned Mines

Jet Mine

Searchlight, NV rocks because they’ve preserved a bunch of old mining ruins. Of course, they sealed up most of the horizontal mines because they’re fun-haters, but this kinda stuff is cool too. If you’re not paying attention to the road & decreasing speed limit, you may catch a glimpse of the headwall (tall part) on the left before you get to the town (coming from Las Vegas). If you’re a more prudent driver, Google Maps will tell you what’s up. Wanna guess how I found it?

To get to the mine, the dirt road goes up a tiny hill and immediately turns to the right. The hill is steep enough that all you can see is your hood, which would be unfortunate for someone unaware of the impending right turn…because the mine is RIGHT THERE.

nice planning, dipshits. No wonder poor Owen fell into a mine shaft.

I could see where some people (this guy) had climbed down a bit, but not me. No way, Jose.

these 3 pictures would have been a panoramic if I had the proper tools/interest in creating it.

I couldn’t find any info about the mine, but I’m assuming it was silver or gold. The video I liked above of the guy who goes down into it says that it’s 80 feet deep with 300 feet of underground tunnels. There are lots of tailings piles around the big mine, but no open shafts…boo, reclamation laws.

I often wonder if reclamation is such a good idea…are sinkholes safer than fenced holes? *shrug*

Foundations of two buildings are still in place.


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