Abandoned Mines

Blue Quartz Mine

I desperately want to explore an abandoned mine, but it’s just that the mines are never in the right place at the right time, a combination of shitty luck, reclamation efforts & my few stipulations: I don’t want to go in one alone (or at least without telling anybody) and I need a flashlight. I mean, come on. If i’m going to be stupid, I’m at least going to be smart about it.

Although my roommates & I make an almost weekly effort to arrange a trip out to explore, we’ve only actually gone out once. The schedules of a hair stylist, a cop and a biologist who half lives in Phoenix are not easily aligned.

We sought out the entrance to Blue Quartz Mine in Boulder City, but it turned out to be a dud…The first adit we found was sealed with a foam-like substance….it reminds me of the stuff used to seal cracks in a shed or garage. According to this article BLM uses the foam to cap mine shafts (vertical) and plug adits (horizontal) with 10 feet of the material, then dressing it up to look natural. They are doing this mainly in popular outdoor recreation areas through a project they call FAST! which stands for….get ready…Fix A Shaft Today …..hehe. Shaft. (Also, I hate hate hate it when people name things just to get a cute acronym out of it. Just name it the acronym then, nobody cares! It’s like nicknames….why name your kid Jewelessesce when you only plan on calling her Julie? But I guess I’m one to talk…my dad wanted me named Kacey but when the nurse commented on the popularity of the name, my mom decided on Kristi Cathleen, and then my dad could call me K.C. But my story is different & exempt from judgement because my dad & his family are the only ones who call me K.C., where with some of these kids their birth name is basically ignored. /end-rant.)

So, the mine.
“It must’ve been a dangerous one then, if they sealed it up. That makes me want to go in even more,” said Roommate Anthony, who is totally in love with mine exploration & has even been inside ACTUAL REAL NOT-CLOSED-UP abandoned mines. He was bummed, and I wanted to get into the mine to cheer him up. 

“Let’s burn through it!” I suggested. I’d do anything for my friends, but he had a more legal idea and climbed higher up the hill to look for other entrances while Mercedes & I stayed behind like good little ladies. Anthony came back with the news that the other shaft was also foamed. Mines across the road were sealed too. Bummer.

As a consolation prize, I found this chuckwalla.

Research upon return home tells us that there are, in fact, 4 entrances to this very extensive mine. Wikimapia shows us a picture of an open Shaft #4, although as mine entrances go, this one doesn’t look very…enterable.

From the little information I could gather about the Blue Quartz Mine (aka Bean Pot Mine), I did find out that it produced neither bean pots or blue quartz. It, along with other mines in the immediate area, produced a small amount of gold between the years of 1908 and 1910.


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