Fossil Hill Trails

Across from Red Rock National Conservation Area is an ugly brown hill with a Gypsum mine on top of it. Hooray. Upon closer inspection, this hill is totally rad. It has been claimed by mountain bikers and horseback riders, leaving a network of gentle (ish) trails that hikers can use, too. There are 3 different names for this area, and the one you use kind of depends on your mode of transportation. Fossil Hill is what hikers call it, Blue Diamond Hill is for the bikers, and The Cowboy Trails is how it’s known to the horsey community.

There’s supposedly fossils up here, although I didn’t see any. I’ve also heard of some neat caves in the area that I want to check out eventually. I’ve only been to the hill once, doing an 8 mile loop with the Hiking Meetup group. We hiked up the ridge to the left of Fossil Canyon until we reached a Jeep road, then turned around and took a different trail back down. The first bit up to the ridge was a good workout, the rest of the hike was fairly easy, exercise-wise.

looking back through Fossil Canyon to Red Rock's Calico Hills


awesome views of Red Rock


interesting rock stuff going on up here


Link to PhotoBucket with a few more pictures: Fossil Hill

Link to trail info: Bird & Hike


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